Wednesday, July 31, 2002

This was actually my first blog entry ever. As you can see from the date, it was back in 2002. This is new content that I am entering (the original content was just a "test" message.) Interesting however, to look back and wonder where I would have been had I taken the initiative to keep a daily blog. Initiative. Interesting and highly relevant word to the topic of this blog. Prepaid Legal Services and the Identity Theft Shield product that PPL offers is the subject of the blog. I joined PPL as an Independent Associate back in October of this year (2007). In this blog I plan to discuss topics related to Prepaid Legal Services as well as promote my PPL business, but from an open and honest angle. I am not here to pressure you to join my business, but just ask that you keep an open mind about what I think could be an extraordinary opportunity both from the product and services side as well as from a potential business opportunity.